About Fatima

New England Wedding Photographer

Photographer in New England

I’m Fatima, a Photographer in New England.

My Mission Is To Document The Moment & Let You Hold Onto It For Just A Little While Longer (Or A Lot).

Those much-loved nuances of your connection — free and grounded, fierce and delicate, intricate and grand — are what energize this photography experience.

Your story is multi-dimensional. And the imagery that captures it should be too. That’s why, I’m all about a refreshingly personal dynamic —
every step of the way. From the straight-out-of-a-movie engagement session. To the wow-factor wedding. And the final heirlooms you flip through with starry eyes.

No need to choose. The grand experience and even more gorgeous results are included. 



What drives me as a New England wedding photographer

The Philosophy

I’m inspired by the very human need to hold on — to the ones we love, to moments, to feelings. 

My eye for these memories, and a natural draw towards poetry, allows me to turn your life into folklore, a romanticized tale of epic love and immersive experiences to be passed on, and held close, for years to come. 

This Experience Will Be...


Planned and designed for you in every aspect.


Fully embracing the occasion and your connection.


Never a dull moment, with heart invested in every frame.


Of your story, culture, family, and marriage.

I'm Fatima Izzat

A photographer in New England. Sentimental at heart. Designer of experiences. Keenly aware of the beautiful chaos of this life — awestruck at how something can be inspiring and tragic in the same moment. Bad at endings (good books, movies, weddings).

Looking back, I can so clearly see the invisible string leading me straight to photography.

The signs were all there, like my love for rhythmic storytelling (shout out to Taylor Swift and Steven Universe) and the need to savor memories every chance I had.

It all began when I was accidentally placed in a high school film photography class.

I loved every second of it. This creative inclination followed me in everything from designing henna to my degree in Media Arts, and even to my career in advertising.

Slowly (and honestly, in a way that felt just right), pursuing photography became inevitable. From the intentional framing of a photograph to the moment-inspired takes, I was sold. Thank goodness for the unplanned.

Long Story Short,

now I'm all about you
(and documenting your story).

now I'm all about you (and documenting your story).

The Journey Here

Yes, I spent all my time in the dark room. But, my documentary-meets-fine-art approach formed across the ocean… 

While I was raised in New England, I was blessed with a wandering eye for beauty in the far corners of the world. And at 17, my family and I made our first pilgrimage to Mecca. I soon gained a new humbling and profound perspective (Alhamdulillah!).

During pilgrimage, my lens became a powerful communicator — transcending language, borders, and cultures, translating it all into a visual story. Through my documentary photography on this journey, I wove tales of unity, faith, and the beauty of shared humanity. And that rings true still with the weddings I photograph.

New England Wedding Photographer

I love that what I do is about love, but I also appreciate...

Marveling at the lifelong promises of the mind, body, and soul — the promises found at your wedding, and during every day that follows in your marriage.

Opportunities to give back to my parents and show them the world. After all, they gave me theirs.

The little moments that seem to transcend time — adding to the decadent mystery of life.

The effortless poetry of good stories and good music (Swifties encouraged).

Menus, brochures, and cards collected from my latest adventures.

My crescent moon necklace, always worn to remind me of my Islamic faith and the fulfillment it brings me.

Chai and the connective traditions it holds.

Soaking up the scenery and cuisine of far-off destinations.

Beauty in balance, from the little, simple moments to the grand chaos.

“I am and always will be the optimist, the hope of far flung hopes and the dreamer of improbable dreams.”

- Doctor Who

“She’s very knowledgeable about her craft — she literally creates art while shooting. When you have a first glance at your photos you will be in awe. I 100% recommend her! You will not regret it. Oh and did I mention she’s super bubbly and funny!”

- Veronica Herrera

Please Know

I respect and welcome all love stories and cultures.

My last name literally stands for respect (Izzat, with mixed origins from Arabia and Persia to Pakistan and India). It’s always been a part of the story, and applies to how I document yours — respecting, welcoming, and celebrating love stories of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures.