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Be The Muse. And Have Every Excuse To Show Off Your Photos.

Whether it’s to celebrate yourself, capture the last few weeks before you welcome a little one into the world, or to mark an occasion with your person — photography has the unique ability to freeze moments in time. 

These are the memories we long to hold on to. As a photographer in Connecticut — but most of all as a human — that is a feeling I know all too well. You deserve to remember it all with imagery that transports you back. 

My philosophy as a photographer in Connecticut

Celebrating Fleeting Moments

At its core, photography is about the intrinsic human need to hold on to the moments we experience together — a love-filled glance shared together, dancing around the kitchen in the soft candlelight, laughing at an inside joke. Sharing stories over steaming hot tea.

And though part of the beauty is their fleeting nature, we still find a way to keep these moments close. So I keep this at the heart of every session, using my lens as a way to help you hold onto these moments a little while longer.

Your story told, right this way...

“They were genuinely the most beautiful photos of myself I had ever seen. She's so good at creating a comfortable environment for you to be able to pose and be photographed without feeling weird or self-conscious. Her editing skills were also awesome. She's my whole family's go-to for professional photography now!”


Boudoir Photography

The truth is, you’re a gem. And that needs to be celebrated. If you’re ready to shine, settle into a process handcrafted to make you feel even more extraordinary. 

  • Boudoir session
  • USB with edited, high-resolution images
  • Online gallery for viewing and sharing that never expires
  • Album print options available

Starting at $800 for 2 hours session


Couple's Portraits

Ask the question, mark an anniversary, or simply enjoy a creative date — we’ll make the most out of our two-hour session. With lots of guidance and collaborative vision boards, this session will be an experienced-focused time to appreciate your partner.

  • Portrait session
  • USB with edited, high-resolution images 
  • Online gallery for viewing and sharing that never expires
  • Session styling and location guide

Starting at $800 for 2-hour session


Maternity Photos

Get intimately editorial takes to capture this moment that is all too miraculous to miss. Whether it’s a modestly-styled maternity session or maternity boudoir photos, you’ll get an experience that will ignite your courage. Taking a handcrafted approach, you’ll love the warmth and care put into every image. 

  • Maternity session
  • USB with edited, high-resolution images
  • Online gallery for viewing and sharing that never expires
  • Session styling and location guide

Starting at $800 for a 2-hour session


Share the details.

It’s always so humbling when people want me to capture the essence of who they are, along with their favorite people, so thank you! Share the details and say hello through this contact form.

Seal the deal.

Keep an eye on your inbox; you’ll get a reply from me in 48 business hours with pricing and any additional add-on information. Then we can hop on a call to chat about your vision and ideas. Your portraits will be confirmed with a signature and service retainer!

Settle in.

After it’s all settled, grab a warm cup of Chai and skim through the session guide. Full of styling pointers and location tips, this custom-made-for-you guide has all the ingredients for a beautiful session.

What's Next

Looking for Answers?

I’ve never had my photos taken professionally, what can I expect?

When you’re in front of my lens, there is no pressure to be anyone else. I’ll use artistic prompts and encourage you to be in the moment; you’ll forget that it’s a photography session because you’ll be too busy having fun.

How do you describe your photography style?

My work includes a mix of documentary takes and editorial poses that are edited to be as rich and vibrant as the moment itself while innovating with styles that creatively capture this moment in time.

I love your stuff! How do I book a session with you?

You have no idea how much it means to hear this! Take a second to fill out this contact form, and we can get together to talk about what you have in mind — a phone call will do. Then your session will be confirmed with a couple of signatures!

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